What is Higo®?


Higo® is a multisensory, CE class IIa certified medical device for digital recording of the following medical data:

  • images of the oral cavity, ear canal and skin surface,

  • audio recordings from the chest, heart, abdominal cavity and cough recording,

  • measurement of body temperature.


Higo® is an innovative device for collecting medical data during the first symptoms of cold, flu and other viral and bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract, middle ear problems or skin problems.


Higo® consists of a base unit and 5 exchangeable modules. Each module, connected to the base unit, acts as a separate medical device, is characterised by its superior performance and often sets a new standard for medical data quality on the market.


Higo® device is intended for the untrained operator for use in home environment and for trained healthcare professionals for use in clinical and outpatient settings. The device is not intended for self-diagnosis. Diagnosis based on the collected data can only be made by a doctor.

Available modules
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